Bring on the Business Statesboro!!!

If I were in charge of bringing somemore businesses to Statesboro their would be 2. I would most definately bring something other than a Wal-Mart. We have all had those days of standing in line for 30 minutes just to buy a gallon of milk while is completely uncalled for. If their was a Target, a Sam’s Club, or something else to give us more variety it would make life so much more easier and make Wal-Mart quit its monopoloy!
The second thing I would bring may be controversial to some of you. However, I would most definately bring a Hooters to Statesboro, Ga.! I worked at Hooters in Savannah for almost 2 years and have seen tons of college students, as well as adults, who drive from Statesboro just to get the great food and atmosphere Hooters has to offer. Hooters in Savannah is the only one within 3 hours of any other direction so having one in Statesboro could be a great money making opportunity.
Statesboro has grown so much and I cannot wait to see how much more it will grow in the years to come!




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Ipad comments

This week I commented on:

Anna’s Blog:

I love your impulsiveness because I am the same way when I am shopping :) . I agree with you in not wanting to trade in your normal laptop for the Ipad. I feel like it is a fun gadget but not very practical for school work.

and Mary’s Blog:

I agree with you completely about the laptop not being great for school related tasks. However, I feel the commercials are great and identify the product as soon as you hear them as well. I know I agree with you and know I will be saving my money supply to buy one just “for fun” as well :) .

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I believe that Ipads are much like a giant Ipod touch. While I think it is a cool invention I would never replace my laptop with it. My first reason is stupid but I really hate things with a touch screen because I hate the look of fingerprints on it. If I had to touch the screen to do EVERYTHING it would drive me nuts. Second, I really like having a keyboard to type on. I hate that the key board is virtual on the Ipad and I can’t feel the keys. Lastly, it is just not for me. A few of my friends have them and love them but I think I will stick with good ole Mr. Laptop.

2 comments February 18, 2011

Pet Peeve Comments

I commented on:


I completely agree with you about people ruining the ending of movies! The one thing I hate is whenever I am about to watch a new movie or new show and I get on Facebook and someone has posted the ending as a status! I also completely agree about people lying. There is no point in lying at all, especially about little things.

and Blog:

Noele I enjoyed reading your blog about your pet peeves. I thought it was hilarious. Also, I completely feel your pain about the bus system. Once I was literally standing at the door of the bus and could clearly see 3 empty seats and the door was shut right in my face. I completely agree: “I yi yi.” :)

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We all have heard it. It is the most annoying sound in the world when you’re at a restaurant or at the movies. SLURRRPPPPPP….SLURRRRRP…. done?…SLURRRRRRP! Ahhhh! I absolutely cannot stand people that decide to take their straw and keep sucking whenever their drink is empty.  After the first slurp you would think people would get the hint that their drink is empty. However, they decide to keep sucking on the straw like some more drink will magically appear. For example, the other day Justin (my husband) and I decided to go see a movie. We get seated and the movie began. It was a romantic comedy and gets right in the middle of the romantic part of the movie when I hear it from behind me. SLURRRRRP! SLURRRRP! SLURRRRP! I turned around and saw a girl tilting her cup up and slurping her straw. To make it worse, the friend she was with started doing the same thing! Needless to say, I will be sitting in the very back of the theater from now on!




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Super Bowl 45 Comments

I commented on:

Tera Bell’s Blog:

I completely agree when you say that football fanatics think about their Superbowl plans the entire season! I know Justin has been making us plans for the Superbowl for months now. While it is fun to watch the game, I believe you are completely right when you say it is a social event! I hope you enjoy this Sunday with all of your family and friends as well!

and Evanne Floyd’s Blog:

I completely agree that watching the Superbowl is fun depending on where and who you watch it with. I know I could careless which team wins but will watch it because all of my friends are. However, I did not realize child prostitution was such an issue during the Superbowl! It is crazy to think that a game so widely watched in person, and on television would have more awareness on this issue. I hope that many people will realize how terrible this is and hopefully things will change this year!

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Super Bowl 45

  It is hard to believe that the 45th Super Bowl will be held this upcoming Sunday. This monumental game influences millions of people, from huge corporations, down to one single fan. Corporations pay millions for commercials that will air once during the super bowl game in hopes to gain new customers. Many months, days, and hours, are spent on these commercials all for a simple 1 to 3 minute commercial. The Super Bowl affects the surrounding community in which it is held. Hotels are booked, restaurants are crowded, and everyone flocks to see one of the major games of the year. It also affects the individual. A person may not watch football all year but uses this game as time to host a party with friends and family. The Super Bowl continues to impact more and more people every year. I wonder how many more ways we will be impacted during next year’s Super Bowl!


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Superhero Power Responses

The blogs I responded to were:

Nichole Arcalas –

I love how you decided to combine two separate powers in a creative way in order to form a more creative blog. After reading your blog and seeing that you love sailing I became so jealous because I would love to learn how to sail. Also, your site is so creative and your colors and images match perfectly with your blog.
Last but not least, I completely agree with you when it comes to better eyesight. I have worn contacts and glasses since I was in the 5th grade and not only are they very costly they are also very annoying. You are not alone on that at all I’m sure many others agree as well.

and Kasey Crawford–

First I am so glad you are in this class so I get a chance to read your blogs. I’m sure they will all be VERY creative and hilarious. :)
Anyways, I completely agree that Wonder Woman has the complete package. I thought about choosing her powers before I changed my mind. She has so many amazing powers that would be awesome to obtain. Also, knowing how clumsy I can be I agree with you about other powers being to hard to operate. I believe your choice of superpower(s) was a great one.
Looking forward to reading more of your blogs,

1 comment January 27, 2011

Superhero Powers here I come!

If I could possess any power of a superhero it would definitely have to be super speed. Sometimes, especially through college, I stress due to time management. However, if I had lightning speed I could finish things quickly while still having time to relax and actually enjoy things I love to do.

In addition, it would be easy to get places quickly. If I had super speed I could pass by long lines of traffic, people in airport lines, and even travel to amazing places in the blink of an eye.

While super speed sounds amazing, I know this is not the case. Although we can all still hope. 🙂

8 comments January 24, 2011

All New!

So I have never blogged or had a blog so this is all new to me! Hopefully I figure it out along the way and it gets easier!

2 comments January 18, 2011






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