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May 8, 2011 autumnhedrick

For our final this week we were required to design a social media news release or a SMNR for short. At first I was worried because I had no idea what a SMNR was but I quickly learned that a social media news release is a way for PR professionals to post press releases on the internet. This allows bloggers, clients, other PR professionals, and the general public to receive the information in a quick, easy to read format, hours or even days before a print release would come out according to the following article:

A SMNR is great for PR professionals to reach the everday public. It allows the public to find and read the information quickly as well as blog about it and link to the release. This in turn helps the company to reach more people in a timely manner. While these are all great advantages of a social media news release, there are a few disadvantages. For example, not everyone has access to the internet at all times. Those without access would not be able to read the release. Also, if the site hosting the SMNR crashes, the general public also may not get the release. Finally, search engines have such vast amounts of information that simply searching key words may not bring up the right news release. Therefore, the SMNR would never reach the public other than through a specific hyperlink.

A PR professional should use an SMNR in multiple cases. Whenever, the practitioner wants to release information quickly to a wide variety of people at one time then he/she should consider a social media news release. Also, the practitioner should consider using a SMNR whenever there is a big event coming up for the company. This would allow the most people access to all the information about the upcoming event. Lastly, a social media news release should be used when blogging or on a company’s website. Users could then easily click on the hyperlink and receive all the information they need to know.

There are many websites that can help someone create a SMNR. The first is the one we used for this final project: This website allows one to create a free acount and enter all the information needed for the release. Another website than can be used is: They also allow users to create a free acount and also gives helpful hints and advice for the creation of a SMNR.

The following is an example of a SMNR created on by the Costa Bingo Gaming group in the United Kingdom:

In addition here is the link to the news release I worked on this past week. The release is for my client Gamma Sigma Sigma, and gives information about their blood drive they did this year. The purpose was to give information about the event and give contact links for those needing additional information. The goal was to have the biggest turnout for the sorority’s annual blood drive aiding the local Red Cross:

Lastly here is a quick list of a few tips in order to create the best SMNR possible:

  • Decide what your purpose will be for releasing the social media news release.

  • Decide who your audience will be and how to reach them.

  • Type the release in an easy to read format so those looking for information can gather it quickly.

  • Pick keywords related to your release so it makes searching for it easy.

  • Use a site that gives helpful hints and information throughout the way.

  • Proofread! According to  this is not an excuse for sloppy written press releases!


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