Superhero Power Responses

January 27, 2011 autumnhedrick

The blogs I responded to were:

Nichole Arcalas –

I love how you decided to combine two separate powers in a creative way in order to form a more creative blog. After reading your blog and seeing that you love sailing I became so jealous because I would love to learn how to sail. Also, your site is so creative and your colors and images match perfectly with your blog.
Last but not least, I completely agree with you when it comes to better eyesight. I have worn contacts and glasses since I was in the 5th grade and not only are they very costly they are also very annoying. You are not alone on that at all I’m sure many others agree as well.

and Kasey Crawford–

First I am so glad you are in this class so I get a chance to read your blogs. I’m sure they will all be VERY creative and hilarious. :)
Anyways, I completely agree that Wonder Woman has the complete package. I thought about choosing her powers before I changed my mind. She has so many amazing powers that would be awesome to obtain. Also, knowing how clumsy I can be I agree with you about other powers being to hard to operate. I believe your choice of superpower(s) was a great one.
Looking forward to reading more of your blogs,


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  • 1. tbk014  |  January 27, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    I think you have a great idea about wanting to have super speed because I agree with you school is very stressful and time consuming. Being able to get places fast would be awesome as especially when I have to make those long 12 hour trip to St. Louis. I think your page looks great and I love your idea.

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