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For our final this week we were required to design a social media news release or a SMNR for short. At first I was worried because I had no idea what a SMNR was but I quickly learned that a social media news release is a way for PR professionals to post press releases on the internet. This allows bloggers, clients, other PR professionals, and the general public to receive the information in a quick, easy to read format, hours or even days before a print release would come out according to the following article:

A SMNR is great for PR professionals to reach the everday public. It allows the public to find and read the information quickly as well as blog about it and link to the release. This in turn helps the company to reach more people in a timely manner. While these are all great advantages of a social media news release, there are a few disadvantages. For example, not everyone has access to the internet at all times. Those without access would not be able to read the release. Also, if the site hosting the SMNR crashes, the general public also may not get the release. Finally, search engines have such vast amounts of information that simply searching key words may not bring up the right news release. Therefore, the SMNR would never reach the public other than through a specific hyperlink.

A PR professional should use an SMNR in multiple cases. Whenever, the practitioner wants to release information quickly to a wide variety of people at one time then he/she should consider a social media news release. Also, the practitioner should consider using a SMNR whenever there is a big event coming up for the company. This would allow the most people access to all the information about the upcoming event. Lastly, a social media news release should be used when blogging or on a company’s website. Users could then easily click on the hyperlink and receive all the information they need to know.

There are many websites that can help someone create a SMNR. The first is the one we used for this final project: This website allows one to create a free acount and enter all the information needed for the release. Another website than can be used is: They also allow users to create a free acount and also gives helpful hints and advice for the creation of a SMNR.

The following is an example of a SMNR created on by the Costa Bingo Gaming group in the United Kingdom:

In addition here is the link to the news release I worked on this past week. The release is for my client Gamma Sigma Sigma, and gives information about their blood drive they did this year. The purpose was to give information about the event and give contact links for those needing additional information. The goal was to have the biggest turnout for the sorority’s annual blood drive aiding the local Red Cross:

Lastly here is a quick list of a few tips in order to create the best SMNR possible:

  • Decide what your purpose will be for releasing the social media news release.

  • Decide who your audience will be and how to reach them.

  • Type the release in an easy to read format so those looking for information can gather it quickly.

  • Pick keywords related to your release so it makes searching for it easy.

  • Use a site that gives helpful hints and information throughout the way.

  • Proofread! According to  this is not an excuse for sloppy written press releases!


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Bucket List Comments

This week I commented on:

Anna! I love your blog sooo much! I was literally laughing so hard reading this! I think all the things you want to do before you die are so thought at and great! I hope you accomplish everything you want to! I have complete faith that you will knowing you!


I think that it is awesome that you have been able to travel as much as you have! I have never been out of the country so I love meeting people that have got to experience things like that! I definitely agree with you on skydiving! I want to do it so bad and I’m hoping soon!

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Bucket List

My Bucket List (or part of it)

Sky dive
Get married (check)
Have children
Help out someone who is less fortunate than me (in a major way)
Visit Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Japan, and much more
Have dinner or top of a roof in a big city
Plan a wedding for someone
Learn to photograph well
Have everyone in my family in one place at one time

I would like to be remembered as someone adventurous and fun. I want to be known as someone who would be the first to help anyone who needs it and be their for my friends, families, and even complete strangers. I want to be remembered as a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother before I die.

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High School comments

This week I commented on:
I think that it is great how you feel like you haven’t changed since high school and how you still like all the same things you liked back then. I wish I could say that I was still friends with everyone I was friends with in high school. I also love how your outlook towards the future is so positive. Good for you for being so confident with yourself!
I was also that loud, obnoxious, to tight hollister wearing girl. It is funny how I go to the mall now and to this day won’t shop there. However, I’m glad that you have changed yourself to be the way you want to be and are happy with it. Your right, high school doesn’t matter and I wish I would’ve learned that when I was there.

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Not-So-Sweet 16

If I could go back in time and observe myself in high school I would probably change a lot of things. High school was always about who was your boyfriend/girlfriend, who your friends were, how popular you were, as well as many other things. In high school I was lucky to have many friends. However, I feel like I should have stepped outside my comfort zone. I was always afraid of getting picked on if I tried hanging out with someone who wasn’t in my social circle. Looking back, I wish I would have gotton to know differnet types of people. However, with that being said I would not change anything about my high school experience because it has made me who I am today. Now, after being in college I am quick to learn about many different types of people and befriend them because I did not in high school.



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Preggo Comments
I agree with you about it being part of the parent’s responsibility for them to educate their children about safe sex, and the issues that could come if not. Also, I completely agree with you about the after shows. It basically lets the girls claim how great life is now having their babies whenever it oftentimes isn’t like that in real life.
The idea of having a past teen mom with an older child on an MTV show I believe would be a great wakeup call for some teens who think having a child at a young age is all fun and games. I also agree that the teen moms that don’t act like mothers shouldn’t be shown and glamorized on the show. Jenelle was smoking weed in her front yard when she was supposed to be watching her child. Seriously? I believe even the teens on the show need a wakeup call.

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16 and Pregnant? What?!

 I hate to admit it but I love watching Teen Mom. It is like a train wreck that I don’t want to look away from. With that being said I believe Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant majorly glamorize teen pregnancy. While the struggles of the teen moms are shown throughout the show it is unrealistic how they are put on the cover of a magazine like celebrities. Many articles in gossip magazine claim that the teens make thousands of dollars per episode.
I feel like if the glamorization of this issue doesn’t stop, more and more teens will be getting pregnant. Teenagers are already very influenced by what they see and hear and these shows aren’t any different. I know in my old high school there are more teenagers pregnant today than there have ever been before. Could it be because of shows like this or for another reason? Hopefully something will change soon…

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Social Networking Comments

This week I commented on:

Marley’s Blog:

I agree with you about there being an anarchy if Facebook shut down. I know people who have it up on their phone or computer all day including some of my closest friends. However, you are right about people having to go back to their daily lives. If it wasn’t there we obviously would have no choice so that is an interesting way of looking at it. Autumn

and Tera’s Blog:

I think that if we didn’t have facebook we would be forced into a much more social world. Many people think they are socializing while on facebook when in fact it is more social to see someone in person and interact than through the computer. I could go for a break to! After a while its just aggrivating! Autumn

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Facebook, Twitter, and Everything in between!

Social media has effected our society in a major way. Millions of people use facebook, twitter, or other social networking sites to keep up with friends, family, and to meet new people. However, if one day all social networking sites were shut down I believe people would go CRAZY. First, I believe many in our society do not remember a time without a social networking site. They have evolved since I was born and even more in the past few years. At first there was Xanga, then Myspace, Facebook, and now Twitter. I believe businesses would not know how to reach their target audiences either. Due to the amount of cheap publicity they can put on these social networking sites, going back to a time before these electronic sites would be hard in my opinion. Hopefully these sites do not shut down anytime soon because our world would not know what to do!

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Comments on Statesboro Business

I commented on:

Marley Mizell’s Blog:

I think everyone agrees on bringing a Target to Statesboro! I would love love love if their was something other than Wal-Mart here in town. I didn’t even think of Red Lobster but you are so right! We really don’t have any great seafood places in town and Red Lobster is the BEST! We need to make this happen soon because I am already getting hungry talking about it!
– Autumn

and Kasey’s Blog:

I agree! Wal-Mart is never not crowded and Harveys and Bi-Low are always so much more expensive. If we had a Kroger I would be ecstatic. If they had either Kroger, Publix, or Piggly Wiggly it would be a great day for Statesboro!
-Autumn 🙂

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